change and contentment


The words ‘change’ and ‘contentment’ rarely go together when you’re talking about me. I just do not. like. change.

And I don’t exactly intend to change that anytime soon… even if I could. It’s part of me and that’s okay. Because it’s challenging me to become closer to the Lord.

As much as I’ve tried to push it away, it always seems to chase me. I have to put up with the heavy weight of the truth that it’s about to come down on me real hard and with no mercy.

Who can I tell? I could tell complain to a lot of people, but no one’s going to fix it for me- they have their own problems. How can I stop the change? I could give my opinion complain about how I think it’s not a great idea. How can I fix it? I could… I can’t.

Basically I could complain, or give up, curl into a ball and break-down. Neither of which would fix the problem. Only One Person can, but really there isn’t even a problem. I have to learn to run after Jesus; to seek Him and Him and ask Him to fill my heart completely so there is no empty space, no room for the devil to enter.

And when i do fill my heart most completely with Him, that is when i will be able to give up my selfish desires and serve others. Others will be able to tell when our heart has opens spaces by how much we seek attention from others. It’s our job to show that we are completely satisfied in Christ alone.


~a-girl with a camera

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