stamped spoon tutorial

i am almost always looking for a fun, diy project or craft to do. while doing some blogging the other day, mom and i came across a fun quirky site called Darby Smart! they have so many crafts to pick from and it’s very, very easy to get stuck on their website ; ) .

all it takes is some time picking out what craft you’d like to do and they send you your perfect little kit with everything you need to start crafting!

stamped silver spoons craft 1

and that is exactly what we did. mom and i picked stamped spoons!

your package comes with a cute little sheet that has a ‘password’ to look up your directions for how to do the project online. we used our iPad so we could have it sitting right next to us while we stamped!

stamped silver spoons craft 2

stamped silver spoons craft 4

stamped silver spoons craft 5

this was definitely a super fun project and turned out beautiful!

stamped silver spoons craft 6

we’ve also picked out a few more things around the house that we stamped for gifts to give and more!

i found a small round metal container in our craft bin and wanted to stamp initials on it for a friend to keep her jewelry in. i’m sure there’s so much more you could do with them that would look so pretty!

now go visit Darby Smart and pick out your next cute craft! and just for you, Darby Smart has graciously agreed to gift you with $10 off your first purchase of $19 or more! Hurry because it ends next Tuesday at midnight. During check-out use the special code: DARBYCRAFT10 and enjoy!

~a-girl with a camera

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