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i love spending time with family and friends. i love spending time on the beach. And i love food. put them together and i’m practically in heaven! ;)

my mom and i have done several styled photo shoots with wedding vendors, but for a while we’ve wanted to do one that shows off our love for cooking good food, spending time with the family, and working together to make things happen!

beach picnic fort de soto c

we searched and put together a bunch of yummy recipes we’d been wanting to make for a while, invited some friends, and started cookin’! we also invited a gluten-free chef, Lauren Marie, whom we met at a charity event. her food is amazing too, so we made a great combination! :)


This is a  delicious fresh watermelon salad that Lauren made. it was so refreshing!

beach picnic fort de soto k

and her yummy chicken salad sandwiches on Udi’s gluten-free bread…


beach picnic fort de soto d

we had three different kinds of deviled eggs. i made Smoked Mullet Deviled eggs which had amazing flakes of smoked mullet from Ted Peters’ on top of each one. yum. to see mom’s recipe, Avocado Sriracha deviled eggs, visit here. also check out Gluten Free Chef Lauren Marie’s Classic  Deviled eggs here!

Smoked Fish Deviled Eggs c 

for this shoot we were so excited that we were provided with Jamberry Nails to compliment our night! they looked so great that day!

Smoked Fish Deviled Eggs b

we also had yummy chicken salad “sandwiches” on lettuce wraps, as well as my mom’s version on gluten-free paleo quick bread.


Chicken Salad Wraps b

beach picnic fort de soto b

to drink, we had a yummy Red Fruity ‘Sangria’ that i made. recipe soon to come! of course the adults had a special drink for them too which you can find on my moms blog by clicking here ;)

beach picnic lemon custard cups c

for dessert, i made delicious little lemon custard cups… i think everyone loved them!

beach picnic fort de soto h

beach picnic lemon custard cups d

i have to be real here, it’s a lot of work behind-the-scenes to make this happen ;) , but i’m so thankful for all the teamwork that went into that day! we had such a good time together as families and all the amazing delicious food made for some well filled stomachs!

beach picnic fort de soto f

beach picnic fort de soto

beach picnic fort de soto e

beach picnic fort de soto j

the night ended with  a beautiful sunset and happy people!

be sure to check back over the next few weeks- i’ll be posting a bunch of amazing recipes from our night!

~a-girl with a camera

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