parisian macarons with espresso buttercream.

i. love. macarons. and coffee.

so these espresso macarons were dangerous for me. and everyone else! to make everything better, it’s my birthday!

 these are parisian macarons so they are made a little different than french macarons. i also changed the recipe a little by adding espresso powder mixed with vanilla extract. and, i got to share this fun, tricky recipe with my momma this time! see her post on these here!

espresso macarons a

did i mention i love macarons?  because i do. very much.


espresso macarons b

happy birthday to me!


you can find the parisian macaron recipe at martha stewart’s website (momma uses the french macarons recipe – find her post here). or just come on over and i’ll make you some! ;)

~a-girl with a camera

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