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March 2014

strawberry picking {spivey farms}

One of my family’s favorite things to do every year is go strawberry picking! We look forward to it every spring. We even enjoy picking out which farm we’re going to visit!

This year, some good friends introduced us to a new farm and the strawberries were amazing. And there were so many so it wasn’t hard to pick!

girlwithacamera strawberry picking 2

girlwithacamera strawberry picking 6

girlwithacamera strawberry picking 1

Isn’t she beautiful???

We also got an awesome cool day (sadly with not much sun) and a good friend visiting from Tennessee!

girlwithacamera strawberry picking 4


girlwithacamera strawberry picking 3

and after a long while of working hard with my momma cleaning and cutting tops of the strawberries… there should be many recipes to come!

~a-girl with a camera

parisian macarons with espresso buttercream.

i. love. macarons. and coffee.

so these espresso macarons were dangerous for me. and everyone else! to make everything better, it’s my birthday!

 these are parisian macarons so they are made a little different than french macarons. i also changed the recipe a little by adding espresso powder mixed with vanilla extract. and, i got to share this fun, tricky recipe with my momma this time! see her post on these here!

espresso macarons a

did i mention i love macarons?  because i do. very much.


espresso macarons b

happy birthday to me!


you can find the parisian macaron recipe at martha stewart’s website (momma uses the french macarons recipe – find her post here). or just come on over and i’ll make you some! ;)

~a-girl with a camera

banana babycakes with salted rum caramel.

I love to bake. This year for Christmas, my nana gave me a mini bundt cake pan!

I decided to make little banana baby-cakes with salted rum caramel to on top. They were amazing and they were gone quick!

banana babycakes recipe

click here to find the banana baby-cakes recipe, and go see my previous post on how I make my salted caramel!

salted caramel.

i remember the first time i ever made caramel- it was scary! i tried to follow the recipe so hard but somehow i still ended up burning it. the next time i dared to try, i decided to tweak it a little bit…

the recipe i started with used only white sugar. instead i used half brown, and half white- it makes the caramel so much richer, and thicker too! you can even change the flavor by adding a little rum or vanilla extract or even cinnamon!

 since then, it’s always been a favorite in my house. even when i burn it, (oops!) there’s always someone (ahem- momma) who will enjoy it anyways!


salted caramel christmas gift recipe


you can put it on top of lots of things, like these salted caramel dark chocolate cupcakes i made! we also gave some to friends as gifts!salted caramel dark chocolate cupcakes E


go find the recipe on my momma’s blog here!  yum.